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The long-term vision of the Foundation is to establish close ties between the Eurasian countries, with India at the centre of interaction and cooperation.

The broad objectives of the Foundation are as follows:

  • Focus on developing policy options for Eurasia (with particular emphasis on  India, Russia, China, Central Asia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Caucasus);
  • To provide intellectual inputs to Government, public bodies, private sector or any other institutions including international bodies on various issues of Eurasia; 
  • To provide information  on developments in Eurasia by undertaking publication of journals, Books, monographs, reports, pamphlets, research paper and other literatures;
  • To promote intellectual, cultural, business and other ties between countries of Eurasia and India;
  • To promote exchange of scholars, artists, intellectuals between states of Eurasia and India;
  • To promote upcoming researchers from various parts of the world and create a community of researchers on Eurasia;
  • To organize and facilitate Conferences, Internship, Seminars, Study Courses, Lectures and similar brain-storming activities in the concerned field;
  • Finally, create ambience for the promotion of everlasting peace, stability and harmony in the region.