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Governing Body

Eurasian Foundation works in close cooperation with various national and international research groups, political class, administrative bodies as well as the media, in order to evolve a consensus on various strategic issues pertaining to its prime objective of providing inputs and assisting the decision-making of the government through elaborate research at various levels, through periodic seminars, group discussions, analysis and by other mediums. 

The Foundation is governed by Governing Body, Research and Academic Committee, and Finance and Administration Committee. The Governing body is the highest decision-making body consisting of reputed social scientists, government officials and representatives from faculty of the Foundation. The governing body of the foundation works with the following members:


Sl. No Name Position
1. Prof. Arun Mohanty Director
2. Prof. Ramadhi Kumar President
3 Ambassador Shashank Vice-President
Ambassador Bhadra Kumar Vice-President
Prof. Ajay Patnaik Vice-President
Prof. Y.K. Tyagi Vice-President
Prof.  Girijesh Panth Vice-President
Prof. Raghavendra Gidadhubli Vice-President
Prof. Alka Acharya Vice-President
10  Prof. P L Dash Vice-President
11  Prof. Kuldeep Singh Vice-President
12  Ghansyam Patnaik Vice-President
13  Dr. Sumant Swain General Secretary
14  Mr. Pratap Sahu Treasurer
15  Mr. Om Asthana Member
16  Ms. Namita Mohanty Member
17  Dr. Samar Sakhil Member
18  Dr. Sanjay Pandey Member
19  Dr. Nihar Ranjan Das Member
20  Dr. Nibedita Rout Member
21  Dr. Amar Kumar Prusty Member
22  Dr. Siba Sankar Mohanty Member
23  Dr. Sakti Pradayini Jena Member
24  Mr. Ramakrushna Pradhan Member
25  Mrs. Sini Thomas Member Member